It has been and continues to be our responsibility to fill the earth with reliable safety products. Rugged durability with features engineered for maximum quality! So that the men and women who  build our country can come home to their families.

Be Safe, Be Ultra-Safe

Ultra-Safe, Inc. is affiliated with a multi-company organization with facilities and operations throughout the Western U.S. These companies provide, fabricate and tests wire-rope and related products, and manufactures, distributes and installs a host of lifting and safety products.

Ultra-Safe Fall Protection opened its doors 15 years ago in Phoenix, AZ.  Since then Ultra-Safe has offered the finest and highest quality fall protection products available.  They continue to ship these U.S. made products daily from their Phoenix headquarters, normally within 24 hours of order receipt.  Their customer centered mission is reflected in Ultra-Safe’s many unique products and helpful customer oriented policies.


Competitively priced 9600 series harnesses are offered in standard types, retrieval types, positioning types, climbing types, miners types, iron workers types, tower working types, and rappelling types, all with various options on D-Ring configurations, buckle types, padded waists and legs, padded seats, tool belts, and even X-pads.

Pillow-Flex and Ultra Pillow-Flex harnesses incorporate the same multiple designs and options into their offerings. However, their wide acceptance is based on their additional comfort and ease of movement afforded by the incorporation of tubular webbing over red elastic in upper torso areas.  This design feature allows an approximate 12 % stretch in the chest and back area for more comfortable reaching and bending while wearing the Ultra-Safe Pillow-Flex harness at work.


  • D-Ring Extenders
  • Individual Shock Packs
  • Lanyards for every situation in Webbing, Ultra-Stretch Tubular Webbing, Y-Lanyards,
  • Nylon Rope Lanyards, and Galvanized Cable Lanyards (Also with 3,600 lb. gates)
  • Snap Hooks and Carabiners and Rollgate Hooks  (Again, offered with 3,600 lb. gates)
  • Rope Grabs
  • Roofer Kits
  • Rebar Assemblies
  • Anchorages for all situations including Beam Anchors
  • Retractable Lanyards from 8 feet to 150 feet (Repairable) in Webbing and Cable
  • Tripod Retrieval Systems
  • Horizontal Lifeline Systems
  • Safe Edge Portable Roof Tie-Off Trailer
  • Rescue System for Suspended Fall Victims
  • Wire Rope with Rope Grab Ladder Safety System

Ultra-Safe prides itself in offering customization of almost all products for specific customer needs.  Harnesses may also be purchased with customer designated webbing colors and even embroidered company logos on the webbing.

1-800-850-5914 TOLL FREE
1-602-484-7713 OFFICE
1-602-278-5075 FAX