Cleaning Fall Protection

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been asked about the use of various disinfectants, sanitizers, cleaning solutions, and their respective counterparts, as potential method and application for use on Ultra-Safe full body harnesses. As the awareness and ensuing protection against the COVID-19 pandemic, Ultra-Safe recommends first and foremost that each individual follow the guidelines and recommendations set forth by the CDC, WHO, and your local, state, and federal authorities. For all fall protection gear types, Ultra-Safe recommends any cleaning or applied precautionary treatment should be carried out with mild soap and warm water per the Ultra-Safe user instruction manual.

If brushes, scrubbing pads, or other implements are applied to the fall protection gear, Ultra-Safe  recommends a more thorough inspection of the harness after each cleaning due to excessive or prolonged abrasion may compromise the webbing over time.

As needed, Ultra-Safe will continue to provide information about appropriate products and methods for the cleaning of a harness, lanyards and other fall protection gear provided a more effective application is deemed more effective or necessary.

These are unprecedented times. Ultra-Safe strives to provide our customers with the most accurate information currently available to us, so all individuals are made aware of the existing resources to remain safe, productive, and to assist in the goal of maintaining a general wellbeing.