1. Overview

OSHA has NOT cited ULTRA-SAFE, INC. for any violations during their inspections of Nr: 1372705.015 – The Herrick Corporation.

The failure that occurred in this OSHA inspection detail, was NOT due to the named product harness and safety retractable device the user was wearing. The failure in this incident, was

  1. FAILURE to inspect the product before each use.
  2. FAILURE to inspect product by a competent person, other than the end user.
  3. FAILURE to keep records when the device was last inspected, repaired, and/or certified.

After the fall, (See picture) you can clearly see the condition of the material from the device that was being used during this incident. This device should NOT have been used by any end user, safety director, competent person, under the condition that you see the material in, the device should have been red tagged and taken out of service.

ULTRA-SAFE takes pride in the quality of products that it produces. We provide only one line of safety retractable devices, we offer the best devices in the market and have been for the last 25 years, and we are proud to say without any failures.

2. Pictures

3. OSHA Inspection Report

4. June 2021 Update

5. The Final Verdict