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NEW! 10′ Triple Threat Tripod

NEW! 10′ Triple Threat Tripod
US1-5000X-3 (77.0 lbs)

  • Anchorage device for 2 people plus 1 personnel & load winch
  • High security in its function
  • Height adjustable to almost twice the height
  • Three-way adjustable set-up diameter
  • 3 deflection pulleys, inside, for ropes from ø 3/8″ – 3/16″
  • 3 attachment or anchoring eyes
  • Can be used with all HRA rescue devices up to 150′
  • Stable due to solid construction
  • Lightweight aluminum design
  • High quality
  • Corrosion resistant through coating
  • Can be equipped with accessories


Retrieval/Retractable Lifelines

  • US-HRA65 3/16” galvanized cable.
    Length – 65’
  • US-HRA100 3/16” galvanized cable.
    Length – 100’
  • US-HRA150 3/16” galvanized cable.
    Length – 150’
  • NEW! US-HPMH100 Personnel and material winch 660 lbs. SWL Length 100’

(Personnel and material winch can have additional cable added)


  • US2-BAG Carrying bag for winches
  • US3-BAGXL Carrying bag for 10ft Tripod and retrieval system
  • US-B65-100 Bracket for HRA65 or HRA100 Retrieval/Retractable
  • US-B150 Bracket for HRA 150 Retrieval/Retractable
  • US-BW100 Winch Bracket for HPMH65
  • US-PC Extra pulley & carabiner

Note: Bottom chains  not required. Strength is in the head of the unit. 

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General Info

Users instruction manual should be used as part of an employee training program as required by OSHA and is intended to meet the manufacturers instructions as required by ANSI Z359.14-2012 (LE) CLASS B.

ANCHORAGE: The anchorage to witch this product is attached must be capable of sustaining a static loads in the direction applied by the personal fall arrest system of at least 3600 Ibs. With certification of a qualified person, or 5000 Ibs. without certification. When more than one personal fall arrest system is attached to the same structure, the strength requirements stated above must be multiplied by the number of personal arrest systems attached to the structure.

PLAN: Your personal fall protection system before installing and using this equipment. Consider all factors affecting your safety during use of this equipment.

FREE FALL: Ensure adequate clearance exist in your fall path to prevent striking an object. When the safety retractable is anchored above, a minimum of 6 ft. from the working level to the lower level or nearest obstruction is recommended, if anchored at feet level an additional 4 ft. Clearance is needed. Avoid working where your lifeline may cross or tangle with that of another worker. Do not allow the lifeline to pass under your arms or between your feet, never clip, knot, or otherwise prevent the lifeline from retracting.

Instructions (313TR1)

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