10’ adjustable tripod, 3 way 60’ SLR with bracket and 60’ material winch with bracket and carrying bag

  • Adjustable height from 99 in. (8.25 ft. or 2.51m) to 114 in. (9.5 ft. or 2.90m) from ground level.
  • At minimum height, distance between legs (foot point) Ø7.03’ (2.14m).
  • At maximum height, distance between legs (foot point) Ø7.6’ (2.32m).
  • Adjustment achieved by sliding telescopic legs (Inner & Outer).
  • Locking pins attached by SS cables.
  • Securely connected two eye bolts to be used for connection to personal protective equipment.
  • Two pulley system provided to pass the wire rope of winch mounted on one leg and retrieval block on the other leg simultaneously.