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Articles by Marty Sharp

Hanging on a Line

If any feature seems questionable, do not use the unit. By Marty Sharp Jul 01, 2006 WE sometimes hear the expression, “His life is hanging by a thread.” This becomes true literally for those who fall while protected by a “fall arrest system.” By definition, this “system” consists of an anchorage connector, a body harness, [...]

Get serious about Fall Protection

by Marty Sharp and Arthur M. Stevens August 5, 2005 Years ago fall protection equipment was heavy and uncomfortable. Buckles and D-rings were clumsy, bulky forgings. Harness webbing was stiff and abrasive. No wonder workers avoided wearing them, even when they understood the risks. Several years ago at my company we introduced a tower worker’s [...]

Fall Safety for the Ironworker

Because ironworkers are getting bigger, manufacturers are finding it more challenging to build systems that comply with the 1,800-pound maximum arresting force requirements. By Marty Sharp Jul 01, 2003 SOME years ago, I built a harness for an ironworker who had an 80-inch waist and 54-inch thighs. He was bigger around than he was tall. [...]

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